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Original System for Image Rendition via Innovative Screens

Duration: 01-01-2007 / 31-12-2009

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CO Thomson
CR Barco B
CR Fraunhofer Institute - ISE
CR Holografika
CR Holotools
CR OSRAM Opto Semiconductors D
CR Sax3d.com D


Technologies based on projection are particularly adapted to display large pictures. Digital Cinema illustrates how the traditional concept of front projection can be renewed with the help of new electronic components. With light source located at the back of the screen, projection can also be used to realise compact, even slim, displays. But another interest of that technology lies in its capability to render realistic 3-dimensional pictures. Because it needs lower industrial investment than for other display technologies, projection is a good candidate for the consumer market but also for specific or highly professional businesses such as advertisement, medicine, control rooms or monitoring, CAD or cinema.
In the design of projection systems some components are key such as: light emitting sources, solid state micro-displays and screens. Technical advances in those components have strong impacts on the performance of the whole display.
The objectives of OSIRIS are to carry out new generations of projection systems, with the help of the most innovative component technologies. This includes the realisation of a common technological platform aiming at providing solutions for a broad range of 2D and 3D applications.

That platform includes the following elements:

  • novel light source based on LED or Laser diodes to replace the lamp,
  • new screen approaches based on Interference lithography and holography,
  • new signal processing algorithms to increase the luminance and colour dynamics.

OSIRIS also intends to integrate the most recent technologies of micro-displays and includes the validation of the technology platform by the construction of prototypes.
The OSIRIS brings together relevant representatives of the components industry and display integrators having a leading position in their respective markets. The project anticipates a strong interaction between those actors thanks to a specific work on the integration of a common roadmap.


 Projects General
The company won important national and EU grants that allowed to accelerate the R&D work to create the next generation high-resolution monitor type display and a wall-size 3D projector system. Holografika`s research team has actively been involved in the continuous development of the theory and practice of real-time holographic displays. Along with the technologies used in the successive 3D display generations the company has started to develop related 3D technologies, like 3D acquisition, 3D compression and possible 3D formats.

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