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Collaborative Holographic Environments for Networked Tasks -

Duration: 01-01-2004 / 31-03-2007

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CO Holografika H
CR Communication & Systemes (CS)
CR University of Bonn
CR PSA Peugeot Citroen
CR Instituto Superiore di Sanita (ISS)


In the COHERENT project, six leading European organisations provide complementary competencies to create a new networked holographic audio-visual platform to support real-time collaborative 3D interaction between geographically distributed teams. The display component will be based on innovative holographic techniques that can present, at natural human interaction scale, realistic animated 3D images to an unlimited number of freely moving simultaneous viewers. The design of the basic networked audiovisual components will be driven by two innovative demanding applications - a collaborative medical visualisation system and a collaborative design review system for the automotive industry - that will constitute by themselves an advancement of the state of the art in their specific domains. Both applications will provide intuitive access and interaction with shared 3D models through a sensory rich 3D user interface based on non-intrusive wireless interaction devices and offering 3D audio cues.

Research will strongly concentrate on enabling technology for intuitive multi user access and interaction with complex 3D signals and objects. This project proposes to build a working high-resolution display in the one metre size range that, thanks to its human scale work area, will be ideally suited for multi-user collaborative working in true 3D. The challenge of providing the large visualisation data flow needed to drive such a device will be met using a cost-effective parallel solution based on commercial-off-the-shelf graphics and computing technology.

COHERENT networked holographic audio-visual platform concept
COHERENT networked holographic audio-visual platform concept


 Projects General
The company won important national and EU grants that allowed to accelerate the R&D work to create the next generation high-resolution monitor type display and a wall-size 3D projector system. Holografika`s research team has actively been involved in the continuous development of the theory and practice of real-time holographic displays. Along with the technologies used in the successive 3D display generations the company has started to develop related 3D technologies, like 3D acquisition, 3D compression and possible 3D formats.

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CRS4 medical video (2:53 min, 17.8 Mb)
Gesture recognition (1:11 min, 9 Mb)
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