National Projects
R & D Projects

  • IKTA 5 - Establishment of a common 3D image format, highly efficient 3D image compression and experimental 3D image transmission
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  • IKTA 4 - 3D display platform for professional IT applications
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  • Plan Széchenyi - Establishment of 3D telepresence and aviation system with a 3D display
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 Projects General
The company won important national and EU grants that allowed to accelerate the R&D work to create the next generation high-resolution monitor type display and a wall-size 3D projector system. Holografika`s research team has actively been involved in the continuous development of the theory and practice of real-time holographic displays. Along with the technologies used in the successive 3D display generations the company has started to develop related 3D technologies, like 3D acquisition, 3D compression and possible 3D formats.


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