Investor Relations

So far Holografika financed its R&D activities from its operation profit, national and EU grants. The company closed the first round of investment at the end of 2004 with the largest Hungarian electronics manufacturer, Videoton Holding, in order to extend its business operation on the emerging market of 3D technologies and secure its own contribution required for the various R&D projects.
To finance the expansion of international sales and distribution activities, the Company considers further investment. Holografika is also open to establish strategic alliances or partnerships with companies that consider emerging 3D visualization an attractive target and a booming industry of the coming years.

Holografika’s 3D display technology will make 3DTV in homes a reality: to deliver interactive television programs and games to millions of families around the world. The locations and actors are rendered in virtual 3D for the viewer to zoom in and out, view different perspectives of a scene, even seeing a different program from left and right directions. With a greater number of available broadcast television channels, alliances can be formed to create unique and distinctive 3D content.

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