Air Traffic Control

HoloVizio provides realistic visualisation of air-traffic situations in 3D. The display gives the opportunity to examine the real spatial position of the displayed air-vehicles; by the use of HoloVizio you can diminish the risk of human error thus increase flight safety. Further potential applications include command & control and battlefield visualization for defense.

Using HoloVizio you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • "True" 3D image visible to naked eye
  • Real spatial correspondence
  • Ability to make quick and correct decisions
  • Increased security
  • Shorter reaction time
  • More accurate recognition
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3D terrain visualization on HoloVizio 3D display

Markets General
Holografika offers a high-end solution for the true 3D visualization of the 3D data that is available in many professional IT systems. The company's current product line includes 26"-32" monitor-type HoloVizio 3D displays for professional markets such as medical, CAD (automotive, architectural, molecular), air-traffic control, simulation and gaming industries, video communication, security e.g. 3D luggage scanning, gas-oil exploration and entertainment. The company also developed large-scale holographic 3D display systems and offers as custom-designed devices for 3D CAD applications, theme-parks, scientific visualization.

Links and Information
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Military air traffic control example
(2:17 min, 19.8 Mb)
  • Establishment of 3D telepresence and aviation system with a 3D display
Plan Széchenyi [National Project]
  • Further markets


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