Frequently asked questions

  • What do you mean by "true 3D imaging"? Other 3D systems provide fake pictures?

Referring to the first question: When you look out of your window the perceived view is a perfect 3D image. Have you ever thought about how a window works? Choose a point of your window and you will realize that depending on what is behind, the light patterns change. In other words, constructing a complex 3D image with light is unnecessary; all you need is a screen, which delivers subtle image changes from different viewpoints. Referring to the second question: Generally other systems do not provide physically the full 3D information to the viewer.

  • What does stereoscopic image mean?
Stereoscopic systems show two (left & right) simple 2D images for the left and for the right eye. Early generation stereoscopic displays require the viewer to wear special glasses. Autostereoscopic displays do not require the viewers to wear any additional devices however they should be sitting in the sweet point or head tracking should be applied, which is basically a video camera based system that is capable to follow the head motions of one single viewer. Substantially how these systems create 3D looking images are based on an artificial perception imperfection; namely the way the pictures are shown forces the eyes to be focused differently from the normal. Due to this anomaly and the missing motion parallax, viewers suffer various side effects as see- sickness or headache.
  • What does multi-view image mean?
Series of simple 2D images, creating 3D looking effects that also take advantage on eye imperfections and can cause various side effects, like jumping images, reversed perspectives and narrow, limited field of view.
  • If HoloVizio is not stereoscopic or multi-view, how would you describe it?
What we created can be called the digital window. HoloVizio meets all the expectations of true 3D visualization, as described on our Home and Technology page, to provide a natural view.
  • How many viewers can see HoloVison at the same time?
Numbers of viewers are not limited.
  • How can I use my existing 3D software with HoloVizio?
Please check our Software Guide.
  • How can I display my 3D data with HoloVizio?
Right now we have two main approaches for displaying 3D data on HoloVizio:

The solution for integrating existing applications with HoloVizio is our OpenGL wrapper, which seamlessly intercepts OpenGL calls made by the application, and (depending on the HoloVizio system used) renders and sends images for the display, or sends the information to the rendering cluster. The application does not have to be aware of the presence of the wrapper, the application's OpenGL window looks the same, but the 3d model is also displayed on HoloVizio.
This OpenGL wrapper implements an ever increasing subset of the OpenGL 2.0 specification, and we have developed it for Suse Linux 9.3 AMD 64 bit. We also have a version for Windows XP (both AMD64 and 32 bit). The linux version has also been successfully tested under Suse Linux 10.0 AMD64, Gentoo Linux.
This solution is able to display the contents of the OpenGL render windows of your application, but in true 3D.

For displaying non-OpenGL content (eg. pre-rendered images or animations rendered for using 3DS Max), we have a video player application for the smaller display model (HV128WLD), and a video player for the large-scale display is under development. We provide a 3DS max plug-in that you can use to render your scene from numerous viewpoints, then we also provide a software that combines these images / videos taken from different viewpoints into a video stream that can be played on the display. This is an off-line process, which takes a few seconds per frame. After that finished, the resulting video stream can be played back on the displays in real-time

 Software Information
  • Available software papers on request
In your e-mail please provide information about your company (company activities, contact information) and the documents you are interested in.

We will send you the documents in pdf format via e-mail. Please find here the downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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