Technology Principles

Both monitor-style and HoloVizio large-scale systems introduce a fundamentally new comprehensive approach to the field of 3D displaying. Since HoloVizio is not a stereoscopic or multi-view system it lacks most of the backlogs and drawbacks currently associated with 3D displays. HoloVizio is not a purely holographic system that handles an enormous amount of redundant information. It is rather based on holographic geometrical principles with special focus on reconstructing the key elements of spatial vision. The pixels, or rather voxels of the holographic screen emit light beams of different intensity and colour to the various directions. A light-emitting surface composed of these voxels will act as a digital window or hologram and will be able to show 3D scenes undoubtedly being 3D.

Principle of the operation, the basic difference between a 2D and a 3D image shown below:
basic principle of the HoloVizio 3D display technology

Each pixel (voxel) of the display able to emit light beams at a different colour and intensity to the various directions.

Features and User Benefits of Holovizio


Features User Benefits
Continuous motion parallax The pictures don't "jump" between the views, horizontal perspective
There's no contradiction between eye-convergence and focusing No discomfort, seasickness or disorientation
Voxels can be individually addressed The point of a given view does not move if the viewer is moving and is exactly there where it seems to be
Wide viewing angle, optional viewing distance Collaborative use
No eye or head tracking used Not necessary to stand in one point, free motion possible
No latency
No invalid zones in the field of view The 3D view can be seen in the entire field of view given
The points can be generated anywhere in the field of view Optional shaped objects or 3D view can be visualized
Objects could appear behind and in front of the display screen
Ability to show hidden edges Wide scale of displayed images, textures vs. wire frame images only
Direction selective light emittance of each pixel Window-like view, all light beams are present as in natural view
Full compatibility with optional software environment Ability to display any 3D information and to use different 3D sw without restrictions
Compatible with current displaying conventions Easy replacement of desktop 2D monitors
High refreshment rate possible Motion picture, interactivity
Brightness Good visibility under various ambient lighting conditions
Resolution (X,Y) Clear, sharp pictures
Depth resolution (Z) Good depth of the 3D view
Color resolution True colours
Practical display sizes System can be built from small to large sizes
No moving parts Reliability, proper lifetime, mobile applications, no noise


demonstration of the principle of the HoloVizio 3D display technology

Technology Information
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