Oil & Gas exploration

3D visualization plays an ever increasing role in the field of exploration and production. Correlating the underground data with the surface landscape, modeling the flow of oil, the analysis of the impact of different drilling techniques or generally the interpretation of seismic data by means of 3D systems have become essential to enchance productivity. By visualizing integrated data sets of various kinds in 3D, geologists, geophysicist and decision makers are provided with more comprehensive and more reliable models.



Using HoloVizio you are able to utilize the following advanteges:


  • "True" 3D image visible to naked eye, enabling continuous work without eye strain
  • Multi-user environment enabling collaborative assessment
  • Decreased number of uncertainties
  • 3D seismic interpretation of workflow process
  • Support for custom OpenGL-based third party software applications

If you have questions regarding compatibility, please check Software overview or contact us at development@holografika.com.


HoloVizio 3D display visualizing Oil & Gas exploration demonstration content
HoloVizio 3D display oil demo presentation HoloVizio 3D display E&P demostration

Markets General
Holografika offers a high-end solution for the true 3D visualization of the 3D data that is available in many professional IT systems. The company's current product line includes 26"-32" monitor-type HoloVizio 3D displays for professional markets such as medical, CAD (automotive, architectural, molecular), air-traffic control, simulation and gaming industries, video communication, security e.g. 3D luggage scanning, gas-oil exploration and entertainment. The company also developed large-scale holographic 3D display systems and offers as custom-designed devices for 3D CAD applications, theme-parks, scientific visualization.

Links and Information
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