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Visualization technologies had an important role in the development of the computer gaming industry, the 3D content for real 3D displaying is available today. HoloVizio provides an outstanding visual experience to become the displaying system of the next generation gaming consoles. With the use of HoloVizio, multi-player gaming becomes a reality. Players can view different motions or life-like scenes depending on the angle from where they watch the monitor.

Using HoloVizio you are able to utilize the following advantages:

  • "True" 3D image, no glasses or helmets needed
  • Novel display option for arcade gaming
  • No fixed viewer positioning required
  • Giving new interpretation to multi-player gaming
  • 2D compatibility
  • The world's first glasses-free 3D cinema
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Markets General
Holografika offers a high-end solution for the true 3D visualization of the 3D data that is available in many professional IT systems. The company's current product line includes 26"-32" monitor-type HoloVizio 3D displays for professional markets such as medical, CAD (automotive, architectural, molecular), air-traffic control, simulation and gaming industries, video communication, security e.g. 3D luggage scanning, gas-oil exploration and entertainment. The company also developed large-scale holographic 3D display systems and offers as custom-designed devices for 3D CAD applications, theme-parks, scientific visualization.

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