In 1989 Tibor Balogh started his private entrepreneurship as an electric engineer/holographer aiming at designing and producing conventional holograms. In 1990 his group recognised the outstanding business opportunity in the embossed hologram technology for security purposes, mostly applied on credit cards, bank notes etc. In time the manufacturing of embossed holograms became an independent business; meanwhile the company's intellectual resources were rearranged for new challenges.

Starting from 1992 the recruitment of the new development team began from major universities of Hungary like Eötvös Loránd University of Science (ELTE) and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE) aiming to develop the world first "true" 3D-visualisation device. At the end of 1996 Holografika was established as a private company. The company took part in various opto-electronical development projects e.g. development of special head-mounted display and optical data storage and sold also its development capacity, in the field, for external contractors. Between 1996 and 1999 the Company run a joint development project with Sony. Within the framework of this cooperation Holografika developed the first laser-based 3D display prototype by 1997 and a number of technologies and 3D related patents.

From this time on, thanks to the team’s enthusiasm, it took only three years to build the first true-colour holographic display prototype.
Holographic 3D dispaly prototype

Holografika’s 3D display technology will make 3DTV in homes a reality: to deliver interactive television programs and games to millions of families around the world. The locations and actors are rendered in virtual 3D for the viewer to zoom in and out, view different perspectives of a scene, even seeing a different program from left and right directions. With a greater number of available broadcast television channels, alliances can be formed to create unique and distinctive 3D content.

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