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Holographic 3D visualization, development of a next generation holo-display based on emerging optical and opto-electronic technologies


Duration: 01-11-2004 / 31-10-2007

Participant role
Participant name
CO Holografika H
CR Stockeryale Ltd. IRL
CR BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd.
CR Videoton


In the project a focused consortia of four leading European organisations provide complementary competencies to develop a next generation holographic 3D display that overcomes the limitations of the current 3D visualisation. It will be able to present realistic 3D images to number of simultaneous viewers in a wide field of view, without any common restrictions. Moreover it will answer today's expectations with regard to resolution, brightness, colour, contrast, size (with a hologram screen over 50" diagonal), and will in fact satisfy end-user requirements in professional use.

It will be based on the proven holographic principle enhanced with novel temporal multiplexing. Emerging technologies will be used, like LCOS microdisplays with fast switching speed with unique polarization method, solid-state technology in the illumination based on high brightness LED-chips of six colours providing the highest possible colour-fidelity, special micro-optical components, plastic aspheric & diffractive optical elements, a redesigned holographic screen. High speed control electronics, backed by a render cluster with proper 3D software solutions and 3D formats based on 3D compression algorithms will provide the real-time dynamic feature allowing to integrate the 3D display to variety of IT systems.

The project work plan includes continuous end-user involvement in the system definition, validation and demonstration activities. As one of the potential applications, a terrain visualisation prototype will be developed, which supports collaborative decision making for 3D environments. The appreciation and understanding of the terrain data will be compared with alternative visualisation using conventional and stereoscopic displays.

The project will target not only challenging final deliverables, but also decisive outcomes beyond the prototype phase, to enable this technology to be among the potential displaying solutions for the future 3DTV.


 Projects General
The company won important national and EU grants that allowed to accelerate the R&D work to create the next generation high-resolution monitor type display and a wall-size 3D projector system. Holografika`s research team has actively been involved in the continuous development of the theory and practice of real-time holographic displays. Along with the technologies used in the successive 3D display generations the company has started to develop related 3D technologies, like 3D acquisition, 3D compression and possible 3D formats.

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