NEW: HoloVizio 721RC

 HoloVizio 720RC

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Technical specification

Product name
HoloVizio 721RC
Aspect ratio
Screen size
72" (~1800 mm) diagonal
1560mm x 880 mm
3D resolution 73 Mpixel
2D equivalent resolution from one angle
1280 x 768 pixel
Gigabit Ethernet (CAT6) or Infiniband
PC & WorkStation
Viewing angle
70 degrees

16 Million (24 bit RGB)

115% NTSC

~ 1500 cd/m2
Dimensions (W x H x D)
3050 mm x 2150 mm x 2700 mm
Net shipping weight 800 kg
Power network compatibility 50 Hz ... 60 Hz
Nominal voltage 230/400 V, 115/200 V
Power Consumption / Dissipated heat Max. 10 kW
5-wire TNS system
Operating temperature +5C ... +25C
Relative humidity Max. 80% / 50%

 Products General
Holografika offers a high-end solution for true 3D visualization of the 3D data available in many professional IT systems. The company's current product line includes 26" and 32" monitor-type 3D displays and custom-built large-scale systems with screens sizes in the range of a meter for professional markets. Existing OpenGL based applications are supported to seamlessly interface 3D applications with the HoloVizio displaying system.

Real-time 25 fps interactive operation is supported.


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