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Establishment of 3D telepresence and aviation system with a 3D display

Duration: 13-11-2002 / 30-11-2006


Participant role
Particiapant name
CO Holografika E.C.
CR Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE) 
CR MOD Technology Agency H
CR Graphisoft H


The main goal of the project is to develop a 3D-displaying environment with the capability of realising 3D virtual telepresence in real time. Two members of the consortium proved principles of this system earlier. The basic element of the system is a 3D-projection system and the corresponding software environment, which is optimised for the addressed applications.

Telepresence has already been successfully used saving cost and human lives for especially dangerous industrial operations that required direct human intervention. With the development of the digital data transmission and the optoelectronic technology, the telepresence may enter into our everyday life. New applications are becoming feasible that can have revolutionary effect on our life quality, security or amusement. Some of these applications are (underlining that the list is not complete and is continuously broadening):
tele-surgery, tele-education, tele-meeting, entertainment, unmanned aircraft, flight and air traffic control, architectural presentation, virtual architecture.

During the realisation of the telepresence system, the present project will demonstrate and practically use two applications in the area of civil and military aviation and of virtual architectural environment.

In civil and military aviation the real time virtual 3D telepresence will create the unified means of three presently separate areas: the UAV-s, the air traffic control and the air space surveillance. Pilots and air traffic controllers sitting in the terrestrial control centres can perfectly overview all circumstances of the flight without the necessity of being present on the plane; the mistakes origin from human failure can be significantly decreased with these solutions. In the area of military aviation, a further advantage is that the highly skilled pilots can operate with 100 % efficiency remotely, without risking their lives.

In the area of architecture 3D telepresence will create a virtual architectural environment providing the possibility of testing a building being in design stage in real time. Very few people can fully evaluate a building on the basis of 2D drawings, animations or even small-scale 3D models. With 3D telepresence the potential investor or future user can test all parts and functions of the building in realistic conditions and in real sizes. With a 3D image capturing system, the computer-generated virtual images can be supplemented with real, already built parts. The combination of the real and virtual images provides the possibility of modifying or supplementing existing buildings by elements under design.

3D terrain visualized by Holographic 3D display

Visualization of a real air situation above Pápa using the digital map of Hungary



 Projects General
The company won important national and EU grants that allowed to accelerate the R&D work to create the next generation high-resolution monitor type display and a wall-size 3D projector system. Holografika`s research team has actively been involved in the continuous development of the theory and practice of real-time holographic displays. Along with the technologies used in the successive 3D display generations the company has started to develop related 3D technologies, like 3D acquisition, 3D compression and possible 3D formats.

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Graphisoft ArchiCAD demo
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Military air traffic control example
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