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HOLOVIZIO: Holographic visual reality system and professional applications

Holovizo: poster
Novel holographic display offering a natural 3D view

Holografika is a Hungarian company with more than 10 years experience in holographic and high-end 3D imaging technologies. The holographic display system developed by the company brings a new quality to 3D visualisation by providing natural three-dimensional view. Compared to existing stereoscopic, multi-view and volumetric technologies it represents a fundamentally new approach to genuine 3D displays. The company recently launched its latest 32”, 16:9 3D monitor at the Hungarian Millennium Exhibition.

The display is based on novel electro-optic technology and fulfils all criteria of a true 3D display. Viewers can look behind objects, see continuous motion parallax in a large field of view and perceive depth as in normal viewing. The company has filed several patents for the technology and has been successful in obtaining state grants for its R&D programs covering next generation holo-display arrangements. These will address 3D camera systems, tracking devices, related hardware and software solutions including 3D formats, and compression technologies to establish 3D platforms.

The technology developed by Holografika takes 3D displays beyond the novelty stage. It is capable of producing displays and solutions that can be used for professional applications, such as for medical, CAD, video communication, air traffic control, entertainment and gaming and eventually home entertainment.

Visitors will be able to see a number of demonstrations of the display’s capabilities. These will include its use for Diagnostic Medical Imaging in particular CT-MR acquired DICOM images, CAD, with a special focus on car design, and Edutainment applications e.g. cultural heritage.

The display will also be used to show two other presentations. The first traces the history of imaging from monochrome through colour and high definition to 3D. The second shows the creation of first holographic 3D virtual human, and examines the possibility of natural interactions between humans and IT systems

Holografika is looking for appropriate partners from leading European industrial and academic research centres, to take part in an Integrated Project (IP) on quasi-holographic systems and their wider 3D hard/software environment. It is also interested in discussing the business opportunities in this emerging technology with potential investors.
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